davis studio A+D’s Dwell magazine article now online

If you missed the print version of our Dwell magazine article, “It Takes a Village”, you can check out the online version. It has most of the same pictures and gives an overall great feel for our community life here on beautiful Bainbridge Island.

Click the link below to go to the Dwell magazine website:


davis studio A+D in Dwell magazine

We are pleased to announce Davis Studio A+D has been featured in this month’s Dwell Magazine. Look for the December 2016 PreFab issue on newsstands now! Turn to page 32 for a full feature article on our Grow Community on Bainbridge Island. Peak into our family home and inside the homes of two other community families. There are several gorgeous shots of the community spaces, a site map of the community, and an overhead arial shot to show the rooftops which all boast photo-voltaic solar panels.

Thanks to Amara Holstein for the great article and to Kyle Johnson for capturing the feeling of Grow so well.

For information on subscribing to Dwell Magazine see: https://www.dwell.com

davis studio A+D launches new website

Welcome to our new site! It had been a long time since we had done major website update and our old site was way out of date; a bit like the cobbler’s children not having any shoes. But we have the homepage and our new blog up and running so we at least we can give you updates on current projects and show off in fullscreen glory the excellent work of our photographers, Anthony Rich and David Cohen. Now we are busy organizing further content – more images of built projects and work in progress, sketches from upcoming projects, of course more beauty shots of interior and exterior completed projects. We will have detailed information about our Grow Community project and pieceHomes, our line of modular homes. You can also learn about pieceHomes and our design team on our other site: pieceHomes.com.

davis residence at grow community

Grow Community, designed by Davis Studio A+D, is a recently completed project on Bainbridge Island, WA. The principals of Davis Studio, the husband and wife team of Jonathan Davis and Mary Jo Davis, were so pleased with the design that they moved into Grow themselves. Here’s a peak at their own Grow home.


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