image Salish Scenes 2023 Calendar Sold Out

Salish Scenes 2024 Calendar Available Now

Here from the pages of Tideland Magazine’s illustrated series, Salish Scenes, are the sketches that capture the spirit of the beautiful Salish Sea, redesigned into a desktop calendar. Designed by Salish Scenes creator Mary Jo Davis, the calendar is small enough to fit on any desk or shelf, and its solid wood stand is crafted from salvaged madrone wood on Bainbridge. They’re printed on the island, too, making them a truly local holiday gift. Davis hand paints each watercolor image, inspired by the amazing things she sees when exploring our waters and islands.

Available online at
Locals can find the calendars at these retail locations:
The museum store at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art,
Fire Dragon Acupuncture, the Bloedel Reserve Gift Shop
or Alexander & Nye Home in Pleasant Beach Village.