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Eagle Harbor House

remodel and addition to 1950’s ranch style home

What started as an energy retro-fit for a mid-century waterfront home turned into a complete remodel and addition of a master suite on the second floor. Maintaining the footprint and retaining much of the original floor plan, the house was transformed by raising the roofline of the living room. Large panel sliding glass doors connect the interior with the spectacular setting of Eagle Harbor with incredible views to Seattle. Two inches of rigid insulation was added to the exterior of the house and attics, and walls were filled with blown-in fiberglass insulation to improve the thermal efficiency of the envelope, while a liquid applied air barrier seals the house. A whole house Heat Recovery Ventilation system provides five air-changes a day and distributes heat generated by mini-split heat pumps. Heat pump hot water heaters provide efficient hot water. The energy consumed is off-set by a 11.5kW photovoltaic array on the roof, giving potential for net-zero living.

davis studio single family home

davis studio single family home

davis studio single family home solar panels

Project Details

single family residence
remodel, addition
& energy retro-fit
bainbridge island, wa
2,800sf remodel
470sf addition
11.5kW photovoltaic array
mini-split heat pumps
heat pump hot water heater
liquid applied air barrier