Davis Studio Architecture + Design, creators of pieceHomes® modular homes, infuses a human and personal approach to modern architecture balanced with a concern for the environment and sustainability. Davis Studio A+D projects have been built to LEED, BuiltGreen and One Planet certifications. Led by architect Jonathan Davis, with over 25 years of experience, we provide architecture and interior design for residential, retail, commercial, institutional, and public buildings as well as urban planning. Working closely with our clients we create homes and buildings that elevate the spirit, provide efficient functional spaces and reduce their footprint on the planet.

Current Projects:
Grow Community, Bainbridge Island WA

Davis Studio A+D / pieceHomes has designed Grow Community, the first residential One Planet Community to be built in North America. Our design for the first phase of this net-zero energy community, located adjacent to the urban core of Winslow, includes 22 single family homes, 20 rental units, community gardens and community open spaces. There are four different single-family home styles all of which sold within weeks of being on the market. These modern homes are warm and welcoming using interior finishes that have been selected for both their sustainable qualities and also to create inviting, comfortable living spaces. Recently the two apartment/townhome buildings were completed much to the delight of the families who had had their names on the list to move in. With every home and rental unit occupied, Grow Community is indeed growing - growing into a vibrant community of individuals and families who are committed to creating an active and friendly neighborhood and doing their part to help the environment. Nearly all the single family homes have solar panels making Grow Community the largest solar ready neighborhood in Washington State.

A New Standard in Green Housing
Grow Community has been endorsed as the first residential One Planet Community to be built in the US. All homes are extremely energy efficient, most with on-site photo voltaics. This will create not only zero net energy homes but an entire zero net energy community. In fact, the community has been designed to be zero carbon by 2020. The on-site photo-voltaic solar panel arrays will generate enough energy to off-set that used by each house thereby greatly reducing monthly energy costs and more importantly their carbon footprint. These homes were be pre-fabricated in an off-site factory as panels and then trucked to the site where they were be assembled in the course of a week.

photo: anthony rich
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